Why is Gold Valuable? – Gold’s Value, History, & Timeless Allure

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People constantly ask, “Why is gold valuable?”


The Allure of Gold

Gold has long captivated individuals and societies with its unique qualities and historical significance for thousands of years. Gold was first used in jewelry by the Egyptians around 5000 BCE. The Sumer civilization around 3000 BCE also used gold jewelry. Gold chains were first produced in the city of Ur around 2500 BCE. It's not just its luster and rarity that makes it valuable, but also its physical properties like resistance to corrosion and tarnishing which is why it maintains its incredible brilliance and shine. These attributes cemented gold's role from ancient Egypt to modern-day as jewelry, symbolizing opulence, power, wealth, and prosperity.

Historical Journey of Gold

Gold's journey is deeply intertwined with human history, moving from ancient civilizations' jewelry to its use in coinage, laying the foundation for the gold standard in modern economies.

Greeks and Romans used gold's unique property of malleability to create some of the first coins to be used as money. The first official declaration of gold as money came around 600 BC when King Alyattes of Lydia, an ancient kingdom in modern-day Turkey, oversaw the first recorded mint. An alloy of silver and gold known as electrum was used to create coins which were stamped with pictures that denoted denominations. This historical connection has shaped our perception of wealth and was the first ‘Gold Standard’.

Gold as Money - Tied to Modern Economics

As empires in the Near East expanded and connected with Europe, the use of gold coins grew, becoming a reliable cross-border medium of exchange. Their popularity persisted over time, culminating in the establishment of the United States Mint and the US dollar in 1792 through the Coinage Act. The Gold Standard was adopted globally in 1879 to stabilize currencies and inflation. This fixed national currencies to a specified gold amount, ensuring stable exchange rates.

Post-World War II, the Bretton Woods system established the US dollar, pegged to gold at US $35 per ounce, as the core of a more stable financial order, with other currencies maintaining adjustable rates to the dollar. However, in 1971, President Nixon detached the dollar from gold to tackle inflation and prevent gold redemption by foreign governments, leading to the Bretton Woods system's collapse.

For over 50 years the US has operated a fiat monetary system, with national currencies representing debts to central banks, lacking any objective gold anchor.

Over the last several years and increasingly today, countries are shifting away from the US fiat dollar in global trade. Nations being confronted by inflation, hyperinflation, and the weaponization of currencies, have once again brought gold’s true monetary intrinsic value to the forefront of the world stage. Central banks globally have always held large gold reserves. Notably, the U.S. has always maintained the most amount of gold reserves out of all countries. Nearing a decade now, year over year, central banks across the world have massively stepped up their gold purchasing for their reserves, underscoring its role in backstopping currencies’.

Diverse Uses of Gold

Gold's utility extends beyond financial markets. It's crucial in thousands of electronic parts due to its conductivity and corrosion resistance. These distinct physical characteristics of gold render it a crucial component in manufacturing electronics such as those in smartphones, vehicles, and semiconductors. Even the space industry utilizes gold for protection against solar radiation.

Gold, Inflation, and Interest Rates

Gold stands as an unparalleled safe haven; it serves as a robust shield against inflation. Unlike fiat currencies, which are vulnerable to devaluation due to inflation and fluctuating interest rates, gold typically maintains its stability. This enduring stabilization over time enhances its appeal as a reliable asset for long-term wealth preservation. Additionally, gold's limited supply and global acceptance further solidify its position as a hedge against economic uncertainty, making it a preferred choice for investors seeking a balance in their portfolios.

Gold's Future Prospects Globally

Gold continues to be a globally sought-after asset, offering protection against economic uncertainties and inflation. Its independence from equities and bonds makes it a stabilizing force in investment portfolios, with physical gold providing tangible security. Since the 1970s, annual gold purchases have tripled, driven by various cultural and economic motivations unique to each region. This diverse interest in gold fortifies and stabilizes the global market, ensuring a steady demand. Particularly in Eastern regions, the significant surge in gold demand mirrors their fast-expanding economies and the collective pursuit of a portable, secure, and timeless method of wealth preservation.

Gold Supply and Demand Dynamics

The gold market is global, with demand driven by investment, central banks, jewelry, and industrial uses. While mining remains the primary source, recycled gold also plays a role in meeting demand. With finite resources and growing demand as a currency backstop, gold's value is expected to continue rising.

Understanding Gold's Intrinsic Value

Gold represents more than its market price; its intrinsic qualities and historical role underscore its enduring value. From being a part of ancient treasures to balancing modern financial portfolios, gold's journey is a testament to its unceasing allure and significance in preserving wealth.

At Harvard Gold Group, we love to highlight the benefits of physical gold for those looking to invest in this timeless asset. Whether you're a novice or an expert, gold presents an opportunity to secure your financial future in an uncertain world.


Trust in a True Safe-Haven Asset

This erosion of the dollar's value underscores the enduring appeal of precious metals as "safe-haven" assets. Precious metals, notably gold, have earned this reputation due to their track record as stores of wealth for millennia. Unlike paper or digital currencies, physical gold has consistently proven its reliability in preserving value, making it a trusted choice for investors seeking a secure store of wealth.


Performance: Since the year 2000, gold has demonstrated remarkable performance surpassing stocks by more than a 2-to-1 margin, with a staggering rise of over 650%. During the same period, the dollar's purchasing power has crashed more than 40%.

Diversification: Incorporating gold and silver into your investment portfolio can effectively reduce overall risk and minimize exposure to paper assets, providing a tangible and reliable safeguard against market fluctuations. Historically, gold & silver go up significantly during recessions.

Convenience and Ownership: Gold and silver are straightforward to acquire, simple to own, offer privacy, and boast high liquidity. In contrast to stocks, ETFs, or cryptocurrencies, these precious metals offer a level of accessibility and security that can't be matched.

Privacy: Gold and silver can be bought and sold privately, while Central Banks' digital currencies and cryptocurrencies are maintained online and have an unerasable footprint. Although cryptocurrency transaction imprints are not directly sent to a Central Bank’s computer network, they too are not anonymous due to their permanent online transactional history across a massive worldwide network of computers.

Protection: Physical gold and silver are constitutional money outside the control of the government and banks.

Enhanced Peace of Mind: Gold and silver, whether in the form of coins or bars, serve as stabilizers for your portfolio, offer protection against inflation, and contribute to stress reduction. Effective diversification helps to smooth out the financial journey, particularly in today's uncertain world.

With 5-star ratings across the board and BBB-approved, partnering with Harvard Gold Group (HGG) gives you peace of mind. They make buying and selling simple and easy. HGG provides direct access to its co-owners who have over 15 years of experience specializing in Precious Metals, moving over a hundred million dollars into tangible assets for people's IRAs/retirement accounts and for direct delivery.

HGG is America’s Most Conservative Gold Company and is recommended by Mark Davis, The Babylon Bee, Not The Bee, The New York Sun, The Fish, and more. Learn more about us or call (844) 977-GOLD (4653) and make an appointment for a free consultation.

Article by: Harvard Gold Group, Kelly Hyslop | November 20, 2023

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